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3 Things That Will Make Kambole Leave Finger Prints In The PSL Hall Of Fame

Eye brows were raised on Saturday in the PSL news after the Soweto DERBY. Lazarous Kambole failed to convert a seater.

So much has been said about him but after the dust has settled, the good news is that Kambole will have his fingerprints in the South African football Hall of Fame and this is why.

1 Speed

Collins Bensuma was such a skillful boy at his prime. He was so good with the ball on his left foot but those who watched Mbesuma play for Roan United will agree that Mbesuma’s most powerful Arsenal was not skillful but speed.

I had the privilege of watching Collins in the Roan United shirt in 2003 at Railways ground. The boy had such a quick lightning pace that at half time he had scored two goals sending Roan United into the showers leading warriors. I was 15 but can remember that match like it was yesterday.

That is the pace that went on to tear all records on the PSL. But the latest news on Kambole is that he is actually quicker than Mbesuma was. Kambole will soon unleash his speed and his critiques will pay dearly because the PSL has always favoured pacy players.

2 Too Many Open Pockets Of Space In The PSL

Within his first 40 minutes of football in the South African league , Kambole was already able to find himself open spaces four times. That is a luxury he never had in the Zambia Super League and the reason is obvious.

The Zambia Super League is so compact and defenders stand in-between spaces closing room for through balls. This is different from the PSL where defenders employ a man to Man Marking leaving pockets of spaces which are mostly a roller coaster ride on by pacy strikers like Lorch, Tau, Zuma, and Kambole will love to fish in such inviting waters.

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3 Kambole Learns and Learns Fast

Of the 3 Things That Will Make Kambole great in PSL here is it. Those who have followed the rise of Kambole will agree with me that he is a boy who keeps learning and improving every day.

We shouldn’t forget that Kambole started as a bench warmer at Zesco, he learned so quick and rose to a dependable top man. From a nonentity at the National team, he is now seriously threatening the starting position of some players we thought will forever partner Patson Daka.

The most fascinating thing about Kambole is that he keeps improving and the rate at which he is improving is scary. His appetite to have his name on the score shit is hair raising and that attitude is all he needs to rise to the top of the PSL.

He doesn’t need to score a seater in the Soweto DERBY. Check his speed, intellect, and ability to play without the ball. He kept sniffing around the box while pocking into any empty space which was available.

Once he goes loose, he smells blood: He is a cannibal who won’t stop hunting till some blood spills. His first hunting expedition wasn’t fruitful but he won’t stop craving blood. Thats sure!

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