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City of lusaka hail woes for wanderers

Mufulira Wanderers

City of Lusaka hail woes for Wanderers at their own backyard with a 4-1 victory in the second week of the Zambian super league.

Citi Yamoto went to Copperbelt feeling more organized after the inadequacies exhibited at the first match. Reportedly a Yamoto’s official failed to register the players resulting in their first match kick off delay. Also some key players failure to feature.

Apart from the registration inadequacy and embarrassment Yamoto’s first event resulted into the loss at the hands of Green Eagles.

From the ball onset the visitors showed resilient at Shinde stadium than the host Mufulira Wanderers. Despite the pouring rains City of Lusaka took lead as early as in the 7th minute. It was from a Noel Phiri chance that went on target and behind the net.

Fumbani Muwowo came in for Moses Phiri and the change of play was registered from midfield to the front. However, Wanderers back was still as much disorganized as the  3 – 0 bashing at the hands of Green Buffaloes just a week earlier.


Wanderers woes

In 37th minute a fatal goalkeeping from Wanderers made Clement Mundia take advantage for Citi Yamoto’s second goal. After the break Joseph Sitali rested for Rahim Osumanu and Emmanuel Chansa for Reuben Chansa.

Osumanu pushed around in the flooded pitch. And soon he took advantage and pushed one back in just 6 minutes into second half. 2 minutes later another effort from Rahim on target but bounced back from the post.

Roy Sakuwandi and Dominic Mulenshi finally sealed the fate of Mighty Mufulira Wanderers with a third and fourth goal apiece.

Mufulira Wanderers is now bottom placed with with two losses allowing 7 goals and only scoring 1 from the two games played so far.

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