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Division One Hussle. Its Barclays cup slot at stake

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The case at hand is now Barclays Cup and the promotion to the Super League can be put on hold for now. Both sides badly need a win this weekend.

Let’s get on it……..

Mufulira Wanderers host Chambishi F. C. this weekend in what promises to be another intriguing clash between these two teams that are battling for the BARCLAYS Cup slot with one eye on Indeni should they slop in their game.
Mufulira Wanderers are two points behind leaders Indeni while Chambishi are a point further. Both teams have lost one game in the last five but Wanderers are better off with an extra game won compared to Chambishi’s. They have three wins, a loss and a draw while Chambishi have two wins, two draws and a loss.

It’s a big game for both sets of players and “Mighty” will have to forget the win against Trident away and win this one otherwise it’s as good as forgetting about the Barclays Cup.

So often criticised for not turning up in the big games at home this season, Mufulira Wanderers won’t have a better opportunity to make an impact than against a Chambishi team whose minds are also under pressure to perform after handing over the leadership to Indeni which was in their control for so many weeks.

It’s not clear if Wanderers will stick with the 4-4-2 that has served them well in recent games and a win away at Trident, but Chinama may as well experiment with it between now and the mid season to see were it leaves the team. It’s a tight call.

Who knows how Chambishi will approach this one? They have given every indication it’ll be a game to fight for and compete and possibly sail through to play the only cup competition on offer in zambia, but they know they are away to one of the history makers of Zambian football. They know the following and entertainment that will be associated with this game. They will be motivated with the Kansanshi Dynamos win at Shinde and believe they can also do it. That’s what makes this game an epic encounter.

Who wins it?

It depends on how Chambishi plays it with their team selection, but this one seems to point towards a narrow home victory. Wanderers need this more than Chambishi especially that they are at home were they would want to dispel any superstitious thoughts of games played at home.

Playing at home and with all to lose, this could be when we start to see the best of Mufulira Wanderers, who often turn it on when the real pressure to win things is on. Will go for a 1 nil home win.

But Zone 2 league leaders Indeni will hope to maintain top slot as they travel to relegation threatened Mufulira Blackpool while second placed Konkola Blades are in a very big tussle involving both teams that are fighting for top slot in Kansanshi Dynamos.

It’s a week which may change the direction of Zone 2 yet again. It’s a Zone 2 roller coaster.

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