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Do or die for Zambia as the noise of battle gets louder

Enock Mwepu of Salzburg

Its do or die for Zambia as the noise of battle gets louder and Micho is skated to be turned upside down by the ravaged and spiraled Zambian football fans.

Zambia’s prospects of qualifying for a major tournament has never been less certain than now and the curtains are slowly closing in.

Six points dropped in the bin and lying at the bottom of the table with no points, to say Zambia will qualify sounds like an argument dead at arrival but judgement day is on this Thursday at Heroes.

Is it do or die for Zambia with bruised and underfed turmoiled emotions of the national soccer fans?

It will be a game of fluctuations and balanced waves of attack and bone-breaking tackles though of course, Botswana won’t be easy to break.

Botswana has been in camp for the past three months all piecing up parts together for this clash.

They have been working 24/7 since football is inactive there and they are definitely more prepared than an embattled Zambian side that doesn’t look any attractive even on paper.

What’s really on the stake? Is it do or die for Zambia?

Chipping into perspective, Botswana will come here with a game plan to frustrate; force a draw, and hope to finish the job in Gaborone.

Zambia on the other hand still stands tall and favourites to win on grounds of head to head and home ground advantage but it wont be as easy as said.

They must fight for their place on the continent fight not only with pernache but killer spikes and poison.

The Zambian defence is the biggest weakness of the team and offers nothing much to talk about but the midfield will be the bloodline and box of oxygen to a Zambian side that lies gasping for breath in intensive care.

With both Enock Mwepu and Cletus Chama now available, the two will be a delicious combo in the midfield triangle.

They will have Kapumbu just behind them acting as a brick force wire while the two will be the smelter and digestive system of the team.

Balls will enter their territory through the back four before they crush them down into some scintillating pieces of football magic, cracking down the password to the likely stubborn Botswana defence.

Micho must now be having headaches on who will act as the tip of the spear in his attack. Chaniza Zulu, Augustine Mulenga, Justine Shonga, Fashion Sakala and Klings Kangwa are all available for selection.

Zambia must win this one with sliding easy!

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