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FIFA Laws Of The Game

Janny Sikazwe using the Laws Of the Game to officiate international matches

Zambia super league and other professional football sporting games in Zambia follow the Football Association of Zambia and CAF rules and but as guided by the World football governing body FIFA.

The laws are guild into 17 chapters acting as the ultimate standard for any professional or international match played.

  • Law 1: The Field of Play.
  • Law 2: The Ball.
  • Law 3: The Number of Players.
  • Law 4: The Players’ Equipment.
  • Law 5: The Referee.
  • Law 6: The Assistant Referees.
  • Law 7: The Duration of the Match.
  • Law 8: The Start and Restart of Play.
  • Law 9: The Ball In and Out of Play.
  • Law 10: The Method of Scoring.
  • Law 11: Offside.
  • Law 12: Fouls and Misconduct.
  • Law 13: Free Kicks.
  • Law 14: The Penalty Kick.
  • Law 15: The Throw-In.
  • Law 16: The Goal Kick.
  • Law 17: The Corner Kick.

Here below is the pdf of the Laws Of The Game 2015/2016 in its entirety

FIFA Laws Of The Game

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