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Forest Rangers FC 2019 Team List

Forest Rangers FC 2019 Team List 3

Forest Rangers FC is a Zambian team based in Ndola Copperbelt and plays in the MTN FAZ super league. The club is also called Fole Malembe and is sponsored by the Zambia Forest Zaffico.

The team started amateur football in Dola Hill township before advancing into FAZ division one and then premier league. Their home ground is Levy Mwanawasa stadium.

Here is the Forest Rangers FC 2019 team list that will be playing in the MTN FAZ super league.

1Arafat IlungaForest Rangers
2Benson ChaliForest Rangers
3Benson KolalaForest Rangers
4Chisha GeraldForest Rangers
5Conlyde LuchangaForest Rangers
6Daniel MutshinemuForest Rangers
7Douglas MuwowoForest Rangers
8Gift SikaongaForest Rangers
9Isaac ChansaForest Rangers
10Kobe ChipetaForest Rangers
11Laurent MumaForest Rangers
12Manasseh SokoForest Rangers
13Masautso ZimbaForest Rangers
14Mathias KigonyaForest Rangers
15Mundia MakokwaForest Rangers
16Mwinkeu KazembeForest Rangers
17Nicholas MuliloForest Rangers
18Patrick IlongoForest Rangers
19Pele NgulakweyForest Rangers
20Peter MwanganiForest Rangers
21Sydney KasandaForest Rangers
22Webster MuzazaForest Rangers
23Yvan MballaForest Rangers
24Zikiru AdamsForest Rangers
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