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Green Eagles FC 2019-20 Team List

Green Eagles FC 2019-20 Team List 11

Green Eagles fc made a lasting impression for all Zambian football loving families advancing to the next stage of Caf Champions League. The ‘Tonka Tweende boys’ Choma Eagles overcame Orlando Pirates 2-1 over two legs to progress to the next round.

Here is the 32 men full squad that will contend for supremacy in the MTN FAZ super league 2019-20 season and the Caf League.

#Name of PlayerClub
1Amity ShamendeGreen Eagles
2Andrew KwilikoGreen Eagles
3Benson NzumaGreen Eagles
4Boniface SunzuGreen Eagles
5Bonston MuchinduGreen Eagles
6Ceasor HakalubaGreen Eagles
7Christopher CholaGreen Eagles
8Edward MwambaGreen Eagles
9George ChalobaGreen Eagles
10Gift WamundilaGreen Eagles
11Hosea SilwimbaGreen Eagles
12Jonathan ManongoGreen Eagles
13Joseph MwindililaGreen Eagles
14Justin MunyikwaGreen Eagles
15Kabamba ChilibweGreen Eagles
16Kennedy MusondaGreen Eagles
17Kizito CheeloGreen Eagles
18Lazarous PhiriGreen Eagles
19Mangani PhiriGreen Eagles
20Michael MwenyaGreen Eagles
21Mukabanga SiambombeGreen Eagles
22Mulungwe ShadreckGreen Eagles
23Muma MumbaGreen Eagles
24Muna MwabaGreen Eagles
25Ray MutaleGreen Eagles
26Robert MwanzaGreen Eagles
27Samson ChilupeGreen Eagles
28Samson ManyepaGreen Eagles
29Sautu SpencerGreen Eagles
30Sebastian MwangeGreen Eagles
31Tapson KasebaGreen Eagles
32Warren KundaGreen Eagles
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