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How will Lusaka Dynamos line up with Mini Mothusi Cooper

Mini Mothusi Cooper

How will Lusaka Dynamos line up with the new player acquired from Botswana Mini Mothusi Cooper?

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The elite side is fifth on the table at sixteen points. They are only three points behind league leaders Zesco United in one of the most tightly contested league Seasons in Zambia’s super league history.

The banter is chilly, the competition on and off the field is cutthroat and the desire to conquer had never been as grave as we are witnessing.

How will Lusaka Dynamos line up with Mini Mothusi Cooper 11
Chilling Collins Sikombe pushing the ball past the Indeni defender

Mini Cooper comes from Township Rollers in Botswana and will become the first Botswana international to play in the Zambia Super league but what does he really bring to a ready star-studded Lusaka Dynamoes?

Mini Mothusi Cooper on the ball

The Tswana’s ability on the ball is undebatable. He is a midfield genius capable of both attacking and pulling back in a circuit breaking role.

He is quick and his balanced center of gravity makes it difficult to dispossess the ball from his twinkling nimble feet when in acceleration. He is a lightning bolt once he steps in the attacking third.

His ball controll is stupendous and distributes the ball like a sprinkler. Cooper’s nimble feet and tireless runs right left and center will be a delicious dissert in a Lusaka Dynamoes side already hungry for goals having powered in 14 before the league came to s screeching Christmas stop.

How will Lusaka Dynamoes line up with Cooper.

Wedson Nyirenda will definitely have headaches with who gives way for Cooper but the Twanas ability to quickly turn defence into attack will be his most eminent attraction in a highly competitive Lusaka Dynamoes Midfield triangle.

Cooper will likely stand as tip of the spear in a midfield that will be a triangle of Otieno, Lemisa and Cooper.

This will push Sikombe upfront in a more free role to turn, compress and lead the attack. The 4 -3 – 3 formation will have Duncan Otieno , Moussa Lemisa and Cooper in midfield with Aubrey Funga, Emmanuel Chabula and Collins Sikombe upfront.

Lusaka Dynamoes has never looked this deadly.

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