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Increases In DSTV Subs. How Will It Affect ZSL.


DSTV is largely Supersport (Supersport International) a recent increase of Football TV rights (£1,888 per second) must have seen this upsurge of DSTV increasing their monthly subs. While that is understandable on the management, DSTV must bury it’s head this time instead of passing on that cost.

Chief Reasons;

1: Already as it is their monopolistic indulgence has seen us to huge tv subscriptions. ($81) 590 Kwacha

Sometime back a start signal was caught in this zone for SABC, it was they that made that signal almost illegal and pumped in to ensure stronger cryptos where channeled just because most resorted to FTA’s which saw a decline in their subs.

2: Why is DSTV still charging us in Dollars? Is SA subscription dollar-based too?

3: As it is DSTV has exploited the Zambian (other than the exorbitant subs most of us can enumerate other reasons, like why my usb and LAN port do not work on the Explora, when the unit price obviously includes the cost of the usb and the LAN port)

Overally, DSTV is very integral to a Zambian. I had lost interest in Zambia Super League but it was Dstv that rekindled me because as I sat in my living room I was fully occupied to the live coverage.

One is enticed to view grandly elements that will affect access and dispensation of Zambia Super League Live, and the fortune of the “lcd in the living room” than every travel to the stadium. 

With these changes shunned over and expected less subscription in the home blogs such as this and many other Facebook Pages must assume on roles that will feed accurate information and must settle as central pieces of where sports information is accumulated for the periods.

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