Incredible Nkana – cortex of more than football

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While the dogs keep barking, the caravans have kept going forward and incredible Nkana can’t stop flexing her mighty riding on some power beyond human and all too football to survive.

The indomitable defending Champions’ 2-1 win over Prison Leopards was the third win in a roll and a gigantic step to safety. The unbelievable cortex of more than football is folding right in our eyes.

The fight the Champions are putting up is breathtaking but it’s the confluence of pedigree leading to their escape that is jawdropping.

It has been a stupendous turnaround of tables by Nkana who were a few months ago gasping for life in the relegation zone with the embers of hope all diminished but there seems to be some
golden touch of favor making the angel of death postpone judgment.

There is some hand of favor that keeps hiding Nkana from walking on banana skins each time they take this road.
It’s not the first time Nkana is flexing her mighty while riding on this hand of favor with intimidating majesty.

Nkana’s Intricate Recent Past

When Nkana soar to the summit of the league last season, a league title was not guaranteed as Forest Rangers and Zesco United were panting a scare behind them. There were a few games left and Nkana winning the league was not likely despite leading the log. However, the Nkana Angel of Favour blew his trumpet and the league ended prematurely handing Nkana a 13th title.

Stepping into the Champions League, the defending champions lost their spending power owing to the withdraw of the Mopani Copper Mine grant.

It was a shutter blow that saw prolific center forward Idriss Mbombo left and as the financial woes deepened, the Champions were on the verge of failing to fly to Angola when the Angel of Favour grabbed the hook button and put his trumpet on his mouth. The Republican President stepped in with a huge financial donation and Nkana was off to Angola.

The dropout African then blew a terrible wind of shame and embarrassment to the Zambian giants as they went ten games without a win. It was a sickening run that sent them into the deepest waters of relegation and the defending champions were surely drowning before the impossible happened.

2020/21 MTN FAZ Super League Table


The hand of favour guided Nkana to some unlikely source for a solution: Alex Ng’onga.

To say a player who was picked from the streets while playing Social football having been rejected, trampled upon, and spat on by Power Dynamoes is a player who has brought the fire power Nkana needed is not a miracle.
It’s a hand of some god at work.

Unless Nkana doesnt survive, this is not just a team. Nkana is a spirit and over and over they keep proving this.

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