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Mayor Of Lusaka Refuses To Give Flowers To Dead Kalu

Mayor Of Lusaka Refuses To Give Flowers To Dead Kalu 1

After battling through a difficult terrain where the Zambian football Demi-god lost his position on the CAF desk, Kalusha Bwalya will have something to ease the stress.

The Lusaka Mayor has decided to give flowers to Kalusha Bwalya when he is still alive rather than waiting for him to die.

Miles Sampa has announced his plans of naming a street in Lusaka after Kalusha Bwalya. Further, the father of the greater city of Lusaka has made mention that there will be a statue of Kalusha Bwalya erected at one of the rounds about at the heart of the mother city.

“I don’t believe in giving flowers to the dead, Let’s give each other those flowers when we are still alive… lets celebrate and Honour Kalusha Bwalya when he is still alive.” A statement from the office of the mayor read yesterday.

The office of the Mayor Miles Sampa has stated that the plans will be put to effect within the next three months.

Kalusha Bwalya has in the recent past been squeezed hard and pushed against the wall to the extreme by The Andrew Kamanga led FAZ. The FAZ boss decided to exercise his rights by contesting Kalusha Bwalya’s seat on CAF a position which he lost leaving Zambia with no representative of the Continents Football governing board.

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The honour on Kalusha Bwalya will not be the first on him by a city. Two years ago, the city of Free State in South Africa honoured and recognised Kalusha Bwalya’s achievements and contribution to the development of Zambian and African football.

Kalusha Bwalya who is the only Sothern African to be crowned African footballer of the year captained Zambia in a Stella career that saw him lead the team to the finals of the Africa Cup after the Gabon Air Disaster. The team, however, lost the final to Nigeria but he noticed back to win the Afcon during his tenure as FAZ president in 2012.

Zambians received some canning a few weeks ago for being champions of pulling there own down after ferocious attacks of Referee Janny Sikazwe when he denied Senegal a penalty at the just ended AFCON.
The mayor of Lusaka has thence taken the lead in leading the let’s give them flowers when they are alive syndrome.

From, We wish Kalusha Bwalya a long and fulfilled life

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