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Micho Magic – The Serbian has it!

So much can be said about the Serbian Micho magic (left in the picture)but his technical know-how and understanding of African football is immense.

Micho magic! Witchcraft or Afrocraft, Micho has been in Africa for a long and his understanding of the demands of the shrines of African football is deep-rooted.

So much can be said about the Serbian but his technical know-how and understanding of African football is immense. He is boiled and hard-cooked in the African pots of football magic and today’s result in Ethiopia must start sending cold shivers in the spines of his opposition. He is coming for them and he doesn’t fall as easily. They must be braced for lightning and thunder.

Micho carries some guts of steel and he won’t be beaten easily. The road to the AFCON and subsequent World Cup in Qatar looks crooked and impassable for Zambia but Micho has been to the most potent shrines of African football and his guts and confidence on and off the touchline looks like he carries the right charm.

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Zambian football on the pitch lost its shape and poise. The sweet football of passing intrigue that won Zambia the Africa cup in 2012 had totally plunged into an extraordinary flood of polyglot obscenity but Micho has been injecting some substance worth sitting and be mesmerized about.

The holding, the movement, and the passing from the boys in the game against Ethiopia was poetic; something never seen in a long time. The control, the pace, the power, the aggression, and comfort on the ball from the Zambian players even when they were down was insane.

It was nothing but a friendly outside the FIFA calendar but one could easily see how Micho’s charms and football charisma is trying to piece the Zambian game out of its mess. Something is twisting in the wind and swelling up. Botswana must brace for some hard punches!

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