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Micho schools loyalty in Zambian football

Micho schools Zambia

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Mixed feelings and opinions poured in when Micho availed his squad for Botswana and the most controversial from his selection is the inclusion of Justin Shonga and Augustine Mulenga.

Just how does the Serbian call boys who have been lying cold in the drainages of no game time for almost a season. How does Justin Shonga squeeze himself in the team at the expense of boys like Aubrey Chirwa and Mwape Musonda who have been banging in goals for fun?

It’s difficult to understand Micho but of course, this is just more than a call. It’s a big sermon. It’s a call born from the womb of humanity. The very Ubuntu.

You see, these boys lived well with Micho at Orlando Pirates, they were loyal and, respected him as their coach and father.

Micho schools loyalty in Zambian football 1
Zambia provisional squad against Botswana includes Justin Shonga and Augustine Mulenga

Now with their careers running out of Oxygen, they need a confidence booster and their help couldn’t come from anywhere else other than the man they served with a scorching flame of fear and trembling. Loyalty begats loyalty , anarchy begats anarchy.

This call might be that oxygen machine they have been looking for. A goal from them in an Afcon Qualifier might be enough ignition to get their scoring forms started.

You might not like the inclusion of the two in the team but this is just more than a call. This is a reciprocate of loyalty and submissiveness. This is a lecture to every Zambian and we must all take our seats and listen.

Remain loyal and obedient to those you serve under. Remain submissive and respectful to your boss at your place of work. Serve with fear and trembling taking off all jackets of pride and ego.

At a time of a wreck and drowning in your career, those people you serving under today are the people who might be a wrinkle to touch and a shoulder to lean on. You will surely need them at the most awkward time.

Joseph while in Prison remained loyal and true to the Prison Guards and when one day the Guard learnt of the nightmare of the king, he remembered Joseph and that was the game changer and turning point for Joseph.

Loyalty defines a man.

You might not like your boss but submit to him and remain loyal. The more submissive and arrogant you are, the more doors you are closing for your self on your way up.

Believe me , this is not just a call! It’s a silent sermon !


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