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Moments Of Madness From Monze Swallows During ZSL 2018 Season

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The 2018 Zambian Soccer season was one of the most eye catching seasons. It was a packed house of talking points but for all wrong reasons. The embarrassing moments from the ban of King Kalu to a top flight team failing to travel kept persisting like lice on a delicate skin and here we are now concluding one of the seasons of the decade with a division one team in the Barclays cup final.

Here were the top three moments of madness from Monze swallows:


The trails of embarrassing blazons inscribed by Monze Swallows on the Zambian soccer sphere left many a soccer fan with dropped necks but this was the epitome of madness. In a match day fixture against Power Dynamos in Monze, Power Dynamos came crushing with some unfamiliar scenes when they found a herd of cows grazing in the field where a top flight football match was suppose to be played.

The Monze Swallows faithfuls went on to defend the scandal saying the cows were not in the field but cows must not just be anywhere near the playing turf where a top flight football match would be played a few minutes from. The best pics of the Monze sports complex were sent on social media to convince a baffled nation that Swallows have beautiful structures but a stained glass window can never just shine.

It will go down in our History books that cows were captured grazing as the power Dynamos players walked into the field.


From inception of the magnificent Zambian super league, never has a top flight team failed to travel to fulfill a fixture but red lights of the end of a dignified era had flickered when zones were introduced. We knew it was just a matter of time. Months after cows were spotted in there field, Monze Swallows was at it again.

This time they donated three points to Power Dynamos the same team they had almost allowed to play alongside cows in the first leg. The failure of Monze Swallows to travel to fulfill a fixture might just be the first in a series of many to come. Some teams that have qualified from the Zones to play top flight football in the rainy season of 2019 are a recipe for more disgrace. I will be unfair to mention any team but the writing is clear on the wall.


I thought FAZ had a responsibility of distributing balls to every super and lower league teams. Not only should a professional Association distribute balls but also pay each top flight team a certain amount according to their ranking and position. When Monze swallows were caught begging for balls to use in training from NAPSA stars, my article at the beginning of the year where i questioned the professionalism of our league was vindicated.

How on earth should a top flight team sink that desperate?
NAPSA stars gave the balls to the Monze Swallows executive after Swallows lost by a goal to nil in a match that NAPSA stars needed to win to come out of relegation zone. FAZ didn’t take any match fixing investigations and after that incidence, i now wonder if FAZ is clean.

The million dollar question now is should we continue with the Zones?

As we slowly close the curtains of the 2018 season, i keep looking at the highs and lows of the season. I will have a reveal of the top five highs of the league in the next article.

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