Muhammad Ali

Muhammad_Ali in 1966

Muhammad Ali. From “Thrilla in Manila” to “Rumble in the Jungle” they form part of the bouts that created the glittering career of the world’s greatest ever.

Muhammad Ali was an American professional boxer and champion widely regarded as one of the most significant sporting figures in the 20th century.


Apart from the success of his boxing and achievement Muhammad also showed a religious side that portrayed a muslim in a good light. Born as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr Muhammad was only a converted name after accepting the muslim faith and equally gave up on Clay as a “slave” name.

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Muhammad Ali was popular across many cultures resulting into nicknames. And favorite among his homeland are The Peoples Champion, The Greatest(Muhammad Ali);

Out of the 61 total fights he recorded 56 wins of which 37 are KO and The Louisville Lip.

Muhammad was also outspoken and often provocative.

He had a distinguishing character in both his life surrounding the sport and out there in the inner circle and lifestyle http://gty.im/3162458

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