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Nkana without BAZO: a face without a nose

Since Bazo Alex Ng'onga joined Nkana from Power Dynamoes, it has been nothing but a blockbuster tale of epic proportions.

Yes, that is it a face without a nose. That is how you can say about the recent Nkana without Bazo.

Since Banzo Alex Ng’onga joined Nkana from Power Dynamoes, it has been nothing but a blockbuster tale of epic proportions.

The charismatic center forward has journeyed Nkana to a love land of euphoria birthing life out of death but the mission is aborted getting into the last and most important game of the season.

Alex Ng’onga the man behind the NKANA story of intrigue, hope, and paranoia that has propelled Nkana out of relegation has remained in Kitwe to bury his aunt. His nine goals in 11 games heroics have darkened into sorrow and Nkana will only hope the sad occurrence isn’t a direct interpretation of the end of their troubled season.

Nkana faithful will still argue that Ng’onga’s absence won’t be missed but here is what Nkana won’t have as they take on NAPSA in the swim or sink encounter on Sunday.

  1. Pressing

Ng’onga has been a force of some unstoppable proportions in the Nkana attacking third since his arrival. He plays some good football of pressing impetus, squeezing, stealing and winning balls in the most dangerous areas. Its an element Nkana lacked since the departure of Mbombo and without Alex, Nkana has no replacement.

  1. Character

Alex though not dropped in the COSAFA provisional squad by Micho remains the most authoritative forward in the country. He is so controlling and paints the Nkana attack with so much strength of character in abundance. He is a player of real quality from every genuine lover of the game’s point of view. He brings in character which none of the Nkana forwards who were drowning with the team before he arrived can learn. He is a quality number 10 and a fundamental part of their survival machine.

  1. Finishing

Ng’onga has scored a staggering 90.7 percent of Nkana’s goals in the last nine matches and that is a scary statistic in the face of everyone as Nkana travels to Lusaka without him. He draws his opponents into some catastrophic defensive blunders by initiating fights and once the opponent gets frustrated. He pokes holes into the fabrics of their stronghold and strikes.

Nkana faces NAPSA on Sunday without Ng’onga and time will tell whether the narrative will turn epic or tragedy.

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