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Opinion: Copper Queens at Tokyo 2020

Copper Queens at Tokyo 2020

Copper Queens, also known as Shipolopolo, participation at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the football events has nothing but praise for being the only women’s team to represent Africa.

It was no sheer chance that Zambia national women’s football team got to the Olympics Tokyo 2020 after the country’s long absence and only the first time for the women’s team.

But a lot of lessons need to be learned and here is the simple one touching on the area of tactics. It is not a long version but just plain simple. Old Fashioned Tactics.

The tactics seen were old-fashioned and the Copper Queens seemed to have not prepared well for the tournament. This raises one question. Was it merely a point of showing up at the Olympics for the Zambia women’s football team?

There was plenty of evidence to show the bench employing old tactics and poor leadership toward open modern football.

Zambia succumbed to the offside trap and that is what costed Copper Queens to the final whistle standing of Brazil 1-0 Zambia.

Additionally, Zambia seems to have just been kicking the ball to some destination with no structure. The midfield lacked dictating the strategy through failure to control the ball despite having talented players on the call.

Copper Queens that represented Zambia at the Tokyo2020 Olympics in Women’s Football

Zooming in on the tactics the entire team depended much on Barbara Banda who fortunately showed she’s the best player Zambia has at the moment.

Having recorded two hat tricks in two consecutive games and scoring six goals, we needed much more from the other team members.

Moreover, the lack of having coaches lacking modern football tactics has cost much of Zambia’s ambition and beautiful game in the country.

Simply, those on the sidelines must apt and quick for the near future chances; Like changing tactics and formation, stand to possessive football that flows from defense and see the transition.

If Zambia’s Copper Queens at Tokyo 2020 was such poor why did Brazil fail to cross more than the lone Andressa’s goal at Saitama stadium?

On the pros side, the Zambian women’s team was energetic hovering around, hence the Brazilian failed to penetrate despite the former poor show on the evidence of tactical football. Lushomo Mweemba’s (as the last defender) slight touch against Ludmila resulted in a RED card and the ensuing free-kick was netted by the Brazillian Andressa.

Still through and through Barbra Banda held the ball at the front while the defense remained adamant to the advancing Brazilians.

Brazil is set up to play Canada in the quarter-finals of the women’s games while Zambia is sent home in the third position of Group F. The copper queens had a superior goal difference against China.


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