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Opinion: Something Tells “Austin Muwowo” Will Be Player Of The Season

Opinion: Something Tells "Austin Muwowo" Will Be Player Of The Season 1

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How Aaron Mubanga Jnr Pawned Muwowo to the top of the world.

Austin Muwowo just penned a lucrative contract with South African giants Orlando Pirates and this complex equation can’t be complete without the mention of Aaron Mubanga Jr.

Having taken a bird’s eye of Muwowo’s move to South Africa, let me take the world through a panoramic view of the mega transfer examining the cradle of it all in detail.

The first match of the Zambian transitional league was played on January 28, 2019, between Forest Rangers and Green Eagles. After the match, Aaron Mubanga wrote on his personal blog:

“FT Forest Rangers 1-0 Green Eagles

Austin Muwowo ‘The genius’ scores the first goal of the season and wins the match for Fole Malembe.

Something tells me he is going to be the best player this season. Fingers crossed.”

That was just the first match of the season and one wonders how Mubanga was already calling Muwowo a player who was a Nkana rejectee ‘genius’. The post had no single like or comment and one understands why: It never just made sense.

With all Mubanga’s usual perquisites on facebook, that marked the beginning of a ferocious hype of a player who was rejected at Nkana barely a season ago.

Muwowo had joined Forest Rangers on loan in a bid to find his footing and there was surely no beauty in him as he tried to waddle through a season with such a low patriarchal dignity.

He was a boy who had no special attraction but Aaron didn’t cast any doubt on the boy’s virility and one wonders how Aaron Mubanga saw a player of the season in him from the onset.

Also Austin Muwowo Zambian Footballer Profile

From that first post about Muwowo, Mubanga went on to make 14 posts about Muwowo. The posts meddled in such hype that at some points they sounded so exaggerated.

Mubanga called the boy a genius throughout the season severally claiming that Muwowo is better than Messi. That was insane but Such hype kept the boy going sliding him through a tightly contested league. The confidence in him kept boiling to the eruption and with masterly finesse, he scored ten goals which broke him into the COSAFA squad.

Midway the season, the Orlando Pirates coach who had been watching Mubanga’s posts commented

” Keep up the good works. Youv been doing a great job.”

Mubanga reposted that comment from the Pirates coach with such pride and it doesn’t surprise me that Muwowo has signed for Pirates at the end of the season.

Latest News On Austin Muwowo:

Muwowo and his representative have gotten $210,000 ( K2.6 Million) while Nkana FC has received $40,000 ( K510,000) after the player paid off the remainder of his 6 months contract Aaron must be somewhere around these figures.

Muwowo is now in South Africa to put the fear of God in those who doubt the quality of Zambian football but at the center of all Aaron Mubanga Jr. Can’t go unnoticed


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