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Perspective: Are fans ever right

Digesting on Caf under-23 Congo vs Zambia.

The Zambia under 23 side showed some titanium balls in Congo and qualified to the AFCON Under 23 Championships in Egypt under some hyper-hostile environment.

It’s character that needs to be applauded but there is just more than meets the eyes from this mile stone the team has achieved. Here are the three picks from the battle in Brazzaville


Zambia conceded a penalty that was absolutely impossible to believe it was awarded by a proffessional referee serving at such a level.

Video evidence shows there was literally no any contact between the Congo and Zambian players and even the Congolese looked perplexed when the whistle blew.

Yes , Zambia qualified and its now water under the bridge but that penalty had the potential to knock Zambia out of the show piece in Egypt.

One still wonders why FAZ has kept mute on the madness in Congo. Should they only be cry-babies when the team loses? Is FAZ such a bunch of corwadice and a toothless hound that they can’t show leadership even where it’s as simple as writing?

For records’ sake, for football’s sake and for the integrity of African football’s sake, FAZ must push in an official complaint to CAF and FIFA demanding punitive measures to be slapped on that referee.

The video evidence is immense.


The Zambia Under 23 side has been impressive and a beckon of hope for the Nation in the recent past. They won the COSAFA under 20 Championships in 2016, Won The Under 20 AFCON in 2017 and went on to put up a spirited display at the Under 20 world cup knocked out in the Quarter finals by Germany at the death.

They have so far never lost a match since that world cup and that sends goose bumps in our spines: They are the dream team but not invicible. How on earth should they concede goals in almost every match they play?

They conceded 4 goals against Congo Brazaville in both the legs and that is screaming worrisome. If they can concede 3 in one match against Congo, can they stand the fire power of Nigeria at the AFCON in Egypt?

How many can they concede against the sting of the French, Spanish or English Under 23 side at the Olympics?

This is a team that can be easily beaten on any gray day by any side. They lack technical know-how in their technical bench. Beston Chambeshi can’t be trusted with teaching the boys how to defend a win. He just can’t and one can’t force himself to be what he is not. Period.


Social media started cooking on gas against Chambeshi’s team even before the first leg in Lusaka ended.

Actually the whirlwind of protest against selfishness and lack of cordination upfront began right in the stadium at Heroes. Fans were not happy with the individual football some players wanted to embrace at the expense of the team and Fans were not shy to cast the rotten apple out of the basket when the match ended.

The social media attacks reached their intended target and the display in Congo was a positive response to the demands of the Fans.

The boys played some selfless football and the awareness around them each time they had the ball was fascinating. All the three goals they scored were team goals which they wouldnt have scored if they played like they did in Lusaka.

Coaches and players need to understand that Fans are not there to hate but demand the best out of their teams. Fans are the chief stake-holders of this team and they have every right to opinion. And when FANS speak, good coaches and players listen because FANS are ever genuine.

Coaches come and go, players come and go but FANS are always there. Listen to them as you go to Egypt.

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