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Zambia vs Morocco, 04 July 1993

Zambian football player profiles

The Zambia vs Morocco game in 1993 remains by far the most emotional game Zambia has ever played. It came a month after the Gabon Air Disaster and the first match Zambia was playing after the tearful crash in Libreville.

Here is the lineup for Zambia vs Morocco

Final goal 2-1


Rachid Daoudi 10 – Morocco

Kalusha Bwalya 62 G – Zambia
Johnson Bwalya 70 G – Zambia

Zambia starting 11

Johnson Bwalya
Kalusha Bwalya
Aggrey Chiyangi
Harrison Chongo
John Lungu
Linos Makwaza
Douglas Mwamba
James Phiri
Evans Sakala

Manager: Mwila/Poulsen

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