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Power Dynamos – maternity of the Zambian game

Patson Daka at Power Dynamos in 2015

As Zambia celebrates Patson Daka’s milestone transfer to Leicester Cty, there is a lacking prudent need to give credit to Power Dynamoes and the Zambian game the club has provided.

Patson Daka himself (now the most expensive Zambian football player with the staggering 23million pounds transfer fee to Leicester City) barely mentions this team but It has been the backbone of Zambian football development in the last 20 years without a grain of salt.

There has not been a club that has incubated Zambian football talent better than power Dynamoes hitherto.

In the last season Patson Daka played in the Zambia super league for Power Dynamoes, he really had a bad start. His start was so poor that he turned the Power Dynamoes technical bench into a laughing stalk because despite the poor results as Daka struggled for form, the coach kept using him.

When he started scoring, it was like a mad person. He scored with such unstoppable efficiency every week till he left.

Power Dynamoes has been such patient and good with local talent. A glimpse into this portal of super talent management brings into short-focus how they have kept White Mwanamwambwa for over 15 years now while protecting his shape with such incubating patience. Of course, this article won’t mention the brooded grooming of Luka Chamanga.

By and by in reference to the shield of talent protection Power gave Daka, the story of Mukuka Mulenga solidifies their maternal instincts.

When everyone mocked him to the pit of dispair where he aborted every hope, Power Dynamoes clothed Mukuka with such great hope that he is now a consistet starter. They brought him back from the streets and gave him a chance.

Godfrey Ngwenya’s career was almost over when he had a career-threatening injury that sent him to the wires of early retirement. Power Dynamoes paid the bills for a high-tech treatment in India. When he came back, the club was so patient with his long recovery, waited for him while he recovered till he was fully fit to play again.

This narrative is in contrast with Kabwe Warriors who much as they paid the treatment bills for Young Alfred Chirwa, fell short of grace enough to be patient with his recovery as they dumped him out of their systems.

Currently, the Power Dynamos Ovens are cooking a beast in Benson Sakala.

The current heir to Nathan Sinkala and by far the most proficient holding midfielder in the league has been in the power Dynamoes oven for such a long time demonstrating what more than a club Power has been.

When this boy’s career in America tumbled to the ground, he fell in the hands of power and he was just an average player. power began to cook him with such patience and this season, power has delivered a National assert. The best defensive midfielder in the country to take over from Sinkala. A product of the yellow incubator which forged and delivered Isaac Chansa and Rotson Kizo Kilambe with fiery intensity.

When Perry Mutapa mismanaged Alex Ng’onga with such mistreatment, it was against the principles of the club and quickly they fired him. Power Dynamoes fired him for failing to uphold the culture of the club: Patience, love, service, and delivery.

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