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Saté Saté Logic | A Nkana View of Ronald Kampamba

Ronald Kampamba proudly known as Sate Sate

There is an Ode To Joy in the Zambia super league particularly for fans at Chilata with subs  Sate Sate Jubilee, a victory song circulating with a Kopala Swag and others accent.

Saté Jubilee doesn’t err;
It’s the ball itself which would

Ati Saté Jubilee talufyanya;
Ni bola iyine eingalubana


Not exactly schillers’ but Beethoven demonstration is close identifying elements that bring brothers together.  At Nkana Ronald Kampamba , has earned such names as Landlord wa PaChilata for his personal attachment and dedication to the club.

He is also referred to as Kalubula (Saviour) for his habitual solo goals whenever chips are down.
In his childhood, he used to always suggest a 30 minute-halfed match when playing street football. And the name Saté Saté (30-30) stuck with him.| Says Chabula Kashamo


A fan endorsing Sate Sate (30-30)

Origins and foundation

Zambia turned 50 years old and to celebrate the half century return, Chipolopolo played a friendly with Ivory Coast in Lusaka where he scored a goal and exactly 24 hrs later in Kitwe he featured for his club where he scored a winner in the fiercely contested El Kopala (Power v Kalampa). Hence his name Saté Jubilee!

Other names severally taken to him

Saté Saté ewabako

Saté Saté temunobe

Saté Saté logic

Kabolala [One of the strength of Ronald Kampamba is the skillfulness of conserving energy for the right moment and the enemy rather trails at the fore and emergent ability]

Saté Saté exhibits a prowess in the 18 yard than compares to none in the Zambia Super League. Any clear pass within the vicinity raise the temple to an expectation for a goal result.

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