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The Orgasmic Clives Sichiondwe and Hachilenza

The Orgasmic Clives Sichiondwe and Hachilenza

Godfrey Ucar Chitalu, Paul Masumba, Emmanuel Mayuka: Kabwe warriors now peacefully sleeping in the dust of their rich ruins had players who sent waves of wow and twitching excitement in the Ucar 107 stadium each time the boys stepped on that glorious pitch.

Now nothing but an artifact, a citadel of diminished glory. But today we bring into short focus the Clive- Sichiondwe and Hachilenza partnership. one of the most potent combinations in modern times.

On the rear right of the 2005 magnificent Kabwe warriors side was captain fantastic Clive Sichiondwe while the inimitable Clive Hachilenza secured the rear left and this combination was an impossible explosion of orgasmic football.

Clive Hachilenza on the left was a D14 six-cylinder head engine. He had one leg shorter than the other but those legs were seemingly schooled in the Roberto Carlos academy of overlapping. He was a busy body; a pound for pound heavy duty grinder who never just ran out of breath. quick, visionary and tough, his bone-breaking tackles never missed the target – sheer flamboyance.

Clive Sichiondwe on the other wing was cool, calm and composed yet ever melodramatic. The captain of the side was a concoction of mental strength and intelligence rectitude. He was calm and collected but the intensity on his wing was ever orgasmic. He always began the build-up with simplicity but turned into a desert scorpion the moment he crossed the center line injecting panic like hypersonic needles in the attacking third.

He scored 7 goals from direct corners in one season; a feat no any other player has ever achieved in the history of Zambian football. Gabriel H Mpundu can confirm.

How the two exchanged shifts on who went forward to sting in attack and who tracked back to defend like pedals of a bike in motion was impeccable.
Teams simply launched into some extraordinary floods of polyglot obscenity each time they dared to spread the ball on the wings as coming in the path of either Sichiondwe or Hachilenza meant an aborted attack.

Both went to Green Buffaloes in search of permanent employment and that kissed goodbye to one of the most exhilarating combination of football magic we have never seen before again at Ucar 107.

Sichiondwe is in the Zambia Army while Clive Hachilenza sits on the Zesco United technical bench.

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