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The ritual that made Kalusha Bwalya

Maintaning a practice or ritual is what made him great claims the Great Kalusha Bwalya
The ritual that made Kalusha Bwalya 
into the legend that is, is part of the stories
Into the great football heroes of this land

From the Bhudist temples in China to the towering Doms of Mecca in the holy land, rain making shrines of Makewana in Malawi and through to the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, human beings are superstitious.

The ritual that made Kalusha Bwalya 7
None compares to great Kalu when at his pinnacle in all of Zambian football circles

And superstition is what has shaped the strength and quality of the soul of football, the beautiful game. And it is the ritual that made the great Kalu.

Toni Kroos the Real Madrid box to box midfielder and German gem uses a pair of white soccer boots made by addidas. From his first day on the pitch as a professional footballer, Toni Kroos has never been seen in any colours on his feet other than the white adidas boots.

Addidas stopped making his brand boots in 2010 but he requested that they keep making that white brand just for him.

Lionel Messi wears shin pads that are branded with members of his family. The first shin guards only had his father and mother on it, then his girlfriend was added and as his children came, so did he keep adding them.

It’s a ritual, and he believes it keeps him going and practice after practice, ballon d’or after ballon d’or kept dropping into his trophy cabinet.

Christiano Ronaldo believes his power and prowess in front of goal comes from being the last among his team mates to step on the field of play.

There was never a time Christiano Christiano Ronaldo stepped on the field of play In front of his teammates unless when playing for his National team where he always has to lead the team out of the tunnel as Captain.

This superstition is so rooted in Christiano that he kept turning down offers to Captain Real Madrid in the absence of Sergio Ramos.

What About The Ritual That Made Kalusha Bwalya

Back home, KALUSHA BWALYA, unarguably the best footballer to have played for Zambia never began wearing his soccer boots on his left foot.

The 1988 African footballer of the year and King of Southern African football revealed in one interview that he believes it’s a practice that worked for him.

” I don’t think it’s superstition but it’s one practice I believe it works for me. I put on my right boot first then on my left” claimed the soft spoken Zambian Captain while he played for PSV Endhoven in his prime days.

Ritual or mere belief, what you believe in works for you.

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