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This is why local coaches cant be trusted

Coach Chiyangi and Wedson Nyirenda

The question of can a LOCAL coach be TRUSTED with the responsibility of heading the National team into the AFCON qualifiers has a straight forward answer. The answer is a big NO. Current LOCAL COACHES are nothing but flat tires that cant take Zambia anywhere and this is why?

LOCAL coaches suffer from an inferiority complex syndrome. They are always intimidated by Zambian players who have been playing their trade abroad and are making a good fortune.

It is clear that most LOCAL coaches struggle to command respect among most of these players leading to them being axed from the squad.

While Chiyangi and his Zambia were playing some uncircumcised friendlies against Niger: Using players who will never feature in a competitive match, ENOCK MWEPU was spotted in a gym in Lusaka while Patson Daka was on Soccer Africa.

The question is why should you give your most reliable players a break when they are on international break? What then is the purpose of a friendly match if you use players who will not feature in the match you are preparing for?

Or is Chiyangi telling the country that the team which played Niger is the team that will play Algeria? This impotent team of players who have been flat-footed and bench warmers at their clubs is the same team he will summon and expect us to qualify?

Why then did he avoid working with the boys who have what it takes to bring down the desert foxes?

The reason why boys like Mwepu, Daka, Fashion, Sinkala, Sunzu and others were given rest is simple:
Just like any other local coach, Chiyangi is already over respecting them. Chiyangi is already feeling intimidated by their little success in Europe that he is feeling uncomfortable to have them in his squad and give them instructions.

He feels they can longer listen to his instructions the way the local players can.

And of course, this is Africa. Very few players abroad can take Chiyangi seriously. They take CHAMBESHI at under 20 seriously only because they have grown under his brooding watch. He is a fatherly figure to them something Chiyangi cant be to Sunzu, Kalaba or Nathan.

Now should the country suffer because he is incapable?

Nathan Sinkala is not finished, some LOCAL coach is just feeling intimidated to have him in his squad. The coach feels small and inferior.

Rainford Kalaba, Stophila Sunzu, Lubambo Musonda, Evans Kangwa are not finished, some LOCAL coaches in charge just like all local coaches feel too small to work with such big names. He doesn’t think he can give them instructions and they listen.

To blindfold all Zambians from this mediocrity and inferiority complex, they will claim that they are building a team and don’t need experienced players. If put under pressure, they will accuse them of being indisciplined.

This is the reason why these second class minded local coaches cannot take the team anywhere. An expatriate coach always has
an edge over the locals because he has total control over each player and works outside the intimidation of some football house officials who sometimes want their own players to be called.

Time is running out, let Chiyangi concentrate on Green Eagles and CHAN that is his level.

Give Chiyangi the job and miss out on another AFCON.

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