Zambia Super League

Top 3 performances on ZSL matchday one

Mpho MATEGKANE - Forest Rangers F.C won man of the match on day one

The Zambia Super League ZSL matchday one kick-started over the weekend with some exciting spectacles of beauty, class, controversy, and mouth-watering displays.

Prison Leopards set the pace as they went for the neck with an impressive 3-0 beating of Kitwe United and here are your top three contenders for player of the week.

  1. Joshua Mutale – Power Dynamos

Power Dynamoes had a dominant contribution of up to five players to the National team that had a tour of duty in East Africa and when we thought we had seen enough quality and depth from the yellow submarines, another gem popped out over the weekend.

Joshua Mutale stepped up with some audacious pieces of football magic in the power Dynamoes heart of the play. Quick, poised, and direct, Joshua looked like a genuine prospect for the future. His holding, movement and passing was a joy to watch despite Power Dynamoes started the season on a rusty note as they battled Young Green Eagles to a standstill.

  1. FRANCIS ZULU – Prison Leopards FC

A moment of class and bullish show down in Kitwe by Prison Leopards was anchored on a Stella perfomance by …. In the prison Leopards central triangle.

Prison Leopards announced themselves back in top-flight with such noise and …. Was at the center of it all. His twinkling feet looked like a massive weapon of terror while his coverage of distance, vision, and readership of the game kept Prison leopards in control. He wrapped his man of the match performance with a well-taken goal.

  1. Mpho MATEGKANE – Forest Rangers F.C

The South African was an introduction of the Mzansi quick football artistry to the Zambian genre of poetic passing and chasing. Mpho was a rumble in the jungle as Forest Rangers launched a gang rape on Nkana in a match that announces some birth pangs of blood stinking war and rivary.

Nkana looked so poor in every department but it was all because Forest was just too good for them. Mpho pounced and feasted on every ball with viper Vernon that paralyzed Nkana’s nervous system and the innocent blue jersey took all the blame.

We look forward to more as the league unfolds into a frenzy next week. Who was your player of the week?

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