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Ugandan Attacker To Impregnant Zesco United Fans

Ugandan Attacker To Impregnant Zesco United Fans 11

Zesco United’s move to finally sale Kambole looked like a good idea at first but it now has to pass through an acid test as the dramatic transfer window comes to its dramatic close.

Zesco United has been a fast engine in the African football skies and fast engines definitely require a lot of fuel but does the team still have the fuel that powered their reputation in the African football sky?

It’s impossible to answer that question without mentioning Kambole. The swift feet of Kazarous has always given Zesco the needed strangled hold on the necks of their opponents. He powered in ten goals in the league last season and that bitting power were what Zesco needed to return the title.

Kambole is, without doubt, Zesco’s biggest loss since the departure of Rainford Kalaba in 2008 and after failing to secure the signature of Chris Mugalu as his replacement, the Zambian giants have settled for Umar Kasumba of SOFAPAKA as Kambole’s replacement but can Umar fit in Kambole’s shoes?

Maybe yes maybe No but Umar is a ferocious attacker and his first assignment will be to IMPREGNANT the Zesco United Fans with belief and confidence.

The reputation he has created in Kenya where he scored 17 goals last season is that he is such an impeccable finisher. However, the reality is that the Kenyan league is not as competitive and demanding as the Zambian Super League. Quadri Kola last season came with promises that he will score more than 20 goals in his first season but he lamentably aborted that pregnancy.

Unlike Quadri Kola who is good on the ball but goal-shy, Kenyan football followers can give testimony to Kasumba’s prowess and unquenchable appetite in front of the goal. He is strong on the ball and the drive-in his right foot is fierce.
In every swift attack, he moves with such bitting power and boiling adrenaline. He keeps drifting away from defenders and from every little space he finds, he pulls the trigger at will.

That is exactly what the Zesco United Fans will be looking for from their new man but it took Kambole three years in the building to be potent enough to have these ever demanding fans pregnant with belief in the boy they once never wanted to give a chance.

To a team like Zesco, bitting power is paramount and Kasumba now stands at the center of Zesco’s chances of going past the group stages in the champions league. If the front line doesn’t have enough bitting power, the team’s good defense and midfield will amount to nothing.

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