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World Football CAF Recent Rankings

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World Football CAF Recent Rankings are revelatory for Zambian football.

The Chipolopolo Exposure
A recent World Football CAF ranking relating to FIFA is a very interesting exposure syndicating Algeria opening the ranks and Djibouti drawing the curtains.

While consolidation case for Algeria is of dire interest to a Zambian supporter; a fluent reality that Chipolopolo indemnifies has for several years of the unwavering exigency of support exhibited actually at a +-10 or so with the 90th position.


The top 10 consolidate into a force of power:

Algeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Tunisia, Ghana, Senegal,  Nigeria, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Guinea and Burkina Faso.
And believe me, why should the European football team source players from the under performances of those ranked above 60? The market is sour with a crying case of Zambia producing mediocre styled professionals with little stats to marvel at; eg a striker who fails to convert into goals let alone assist.

A Zambia drawing to 22nd Second position with a FIFA World ranking of 88 having dropped down -4. Around this neighborhood to mingle with are Gabon, Morocco, Botswana, Zimbabwe. Not so bad a position when we have to be realistic of our football. The recent history of stats would speak for themselves here.

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