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Zambia’ most potent combinations in modern times

Enchanting combination of Rainford Kalaba and Jacob Mulenga

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Zambia’s most potent combinations in modern times drive a list that includes known names such as Kalaba and Jacob. This enchanting combination remains one of the most ferocious football bromances in modern Zambian History.

1. Rainford Kalaba and Jacob Mulenga (Afrisport)

Zambian football had gone in somewhat a state of hibernation till a new killer arrived on the block – Afrisport.

The newly-promoted Kitwe side donning National Colours were literally wreaking havoc beating big sides black and blue while mistifying the Zambia football landscape in the 2002 /3 season.

At the heart of that Afrisport team was an inconspicuous 17-year-old midfield maestro with some evil genius in his feet: Rainford Kalaba.

The little genius was simply a Kalahari scorpion at prime. He was so small in stature yet spread his dominance across the midfield like a tear gas canister as he kept causing scenes of terror and total devastation, losing and dispersing his opponents with cunning approbation as the league kept unfolding.

Rainford Kalaba in an oversized jersey 17 carried some genius yet to be seen in modern Zambian football. He had some super nerve-wracking movements which made it hard for teams to settle each time they came against him in midfield. His holding, movements and pinpoint passing was exquisite.

Upfront just in front of the little maestro was a towering figure with a lightning bolt in his right foot – Jacob Mulenga.

He was a pure concoction of pace, power, agility and an insatiable appetite for goals. He had such speed power and literally a brain in his foot that he bossed defenders like the league was his father’s personal farm. Jacob shot from every angle while finishing with acute acrobatic bicycle kicks for fun.

Kalaba and Mulenga’s combination was nothing but a sweet depiction of the Zambian brand of artistic football as they kept threatening defenses with vicious efficiency. Pace by pace, Afrisport was being built into a league powerhouse.

The likes of Kabwe Warriors were left in shock and stunned by Afrisport’s Mulenga and Kalaba wicked genius when they were beaten 3-0 at home. Rainford had opened the flood gates in that match before Mulenga swung in a brace.

Before the bromance came to be broken, they had powered in a combined total of 51 goals. Kalaba went on to sign for Niece in France while Jacob Mulenga signed for Charteroux but the combination had left many teams fractured.

The combination remains one of the most ferocious football bromance in modern Zambian History.


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