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Zambia Opinions: Sikazwe Officiating Brings Controversy

Zambia Opinions: Sikazwe Officiating Brings Controversy 13

To What Extent Should Zambians Support Him

The officiating of Janny Sikazwe yesternight was below par and Zambians are free to frankly state so without any feeling of guilt.

Accusing Zambians of being haters and unpatriotic for being frank and objectively criticising Janny Sikazwe is not fair. Janny Sikazwe is not a super human neither is he infalible. He can make mistakes just like any other referees make mistakes and when he makes one, Zambians must not be forced to support his wrong decissions just because Sikazwe is a Zambian.

To justify the wrong decission Sikazwe made on grounds that it was a physical and difficult match to handle is insane. He was given to handle that match because he is that highly rated and he was expected to perfom up to expectations.

Zambians are frank and straight people and Sikazwe must get used to that. Zambians will rally behind him when he does right things but when he unfairly costs a team like he did to Senegal, the axe head will definitely fall on his head and he must just take the punches of brutal criticism without calling Zambians haters or pull him downs.

Zambians are up against that wrong decission because every Zambian football lover understands the pain of being denied a clear goal due to a bad referee and its a pain Zambians dont want any country to bear because Zambians have been there.

Bondo the Botswana referee to this day remains the most unpopular referee in the world in the eyes of every Zambian because of that poor decission he made against Zambia in Nigeria. It was a decission that cost Zambia a maiden World cup appearance and when Sikazwe denied Senegal a clear penalty, those ugly and disturbing memories of pain and misery came racing in their minds and no one must call them bad people when they get freaked by that wrong decission. They understand the pain the Senegaleese are feeling.

To force Zambians to support every decission Sikazwe is making just because Sikazwe is a Zambian is out of question and absurd. Sikazwe is in Egypt to represent Zambia and her values of fairness, integrity and equality for all, if Sikazwe detours away from these values, Zambians wont definitely support himb in the way he was expected to.

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