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Zambia out to mend the damage – Zambia v Eswatini

Sudan vs Zambia friendly

Zambia v Eswatini – Micho and his Zambia are out to mend the damage

Zambia will need to congest the midfield to keep every oxygen out of the tricky Eswatini but it will be interesting to see how much anger and pouncing power they will demonstrate and perhaps how the boys will control it to keep a winning balance.

Micho’s boys suffered a suffocating ambush when they were floored by Lesotho in the opening encounter. It was the first time Lesotho was beating Zambia and now Zambia will have to win with a convincing margin before they face a stubborn Botswana and a tricky South Africa.

Eswatini will step into the encounter on the gray card of second-best but they can be a shoulder-ripping monster who will ride on the glory of their captain Badenhorst who is the competition’s all-time top scorer with 10 goals. The power and quality in his right foot is of atomic destruction and given the chance to go loose, he will cause some unrepairable damage.

On the other side, Zambia will need to upgrade its cutting edge. The striking force of Ghampani Lungu and Justin Shonga looked too blunt and impotent. Moses Phiri and Brian Mwila look set to lead the Zambian tip of the attacking spear into battle.

Bottom-placed Zambia will take on Eswatini at 15:00 hrs and the match will be live on Supersport.

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