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Zambia vs Botswana player rating

Zambia vs Botswana player rating

Here is Zambia vs Botswana player rating. It was a perfect Halloween gift from Belgium to the Zebras of the Kalahari who strayed to graze on the dangerous pastures of the other side of the Zambezi on the eve of Friday the 13th and on the morning of the Botswanas horror night. Zedsoccer brings you Zambia’s player ratings against Botswana.


He made a couple of saves but he still got lots to do before he gets ready for a more demanding tournament like the AFCON. He was too quiet and Botswana’s goal was as a result of his failure to scream at his defense each time they doze.


Gampy Jones had quite a game. The distribution of his energies across his line both in defense and attack was sublime. He had some Stella glimpses of quality going forward but his final decisions in the box were a letdown. A shin twisting pass from Mwepu and he decided to fire into the side net when Shonga was all open to tapping in if Ghampy had crossed.

The power Dynamoes Gem seems to be cementing his place in the Zambian rear flank though he needs to improve on his judgment and awareness we each time he powers into the final third. He kept holding onto the ball when the center forwards was already in the box and waiting for his deliveries. He is young and can keep improving.

4. LUKA BANDA 6/10

Towering at 1.8 meters tall, he is an intimidating hill of concrete flesh and was having a game of his life till he dozed on duty and Botswana scored. He watched and got rooted in a flat foot right in front of a ball he would have easily cleared but did totally nothing about it. Overally, he is composed and his ability to initiate build-ups from the box is mouthwatering.

Rough, aggressive, and tough, he kept taking the sting away from the Botswana attacks with ease. He wore his heart on his sleeves and was ready to walk on broken bottled, painted his eyes red, and guarded his territory with no iota of politeness. At some point, I thought he might get a red card as he kept throwing in some bone-breaking tackles. What drops his rating was his inability to talk when he was the last man. He lacked command and leadership as there was literally no communication on who should be sweeper between him and Luka.

6. KAPUMBU 8.6
Heartbeat, voice, and heart, he was the gearbox of the team. I’ve never seen this boy play that good before. He dropped the pace and detected diversity in the attack. He jelled perfectly well with Mwepu and the chemistry with Lubambo was a polished Alloy.

The armband has just got something special about it and that charm was a perfect connection in Luba’s display. Each time he was on the ball, he spiked sharp into the Twana defense forcing cringes of horror and panic. His ball control, movements, and final touches were the nervous system of a team that kept hoping. He had a couple of shots on target but it wasn’t just to be.

So if he was left on the bench who would have scored? He would have still scored even If he came in as a super sub. Mwepu with no doubt is the cornerstone on which this new generation must be built on. He provided so much leadership both in attack and defense. When Zambia was down, he kept scratching the inside of the coffin with his super nerve-wracking moves and when an opportunity came, he demonstrates class and quality. His quick reflexes and magnificent touch that dropped such a difficult ball into the net was hair raising. This boy is a star.

He didn’t look like he was having a great game but players of his quality demand lots of patience and Micho understood that. Malouda’s anticipation and sprint in the box when Fashion powered down the line was a demonstration of art and desire. Fashion doesn’t pass such balls but Malouda kept sprinting into the box with hope. Then the rest is history.

He would not have started the match. He lacked fitness and confidence going forward. He however showed some flashes of quality each time he was in the box but again, he was wasteful.

11. Augustine MULENGA 4.3
Augustine was nothing but a shadow of himself. Totally, lost and blunt, he looked like a ghost in broad daylight. Each time he was on the ball, he was jittery and under pressure to prove a point, and that neither worked for him nor for the team. He got substituted at the beginning of the second half.


Fashion was the darling of the nation. He came in as a hopeful mind and spirited body. His introduction was an advert of Michos coaching techniques and prowess. Fashion was a polished enthutuiasm that kept breathing some fire of hope in the Zambian attacking ember that was dwindling cold after Lubambo was withdrawn. When the Zebras were taking a drink and unexpectant of anything dangerous in the clam waters, he delivered a gift box of horror on the eve of Friday the thirteenth . Pure Halloween stuff. Picked the ball from his area and powered down the line with some vortex of destructive power. The force and acceleration under his feet was a destructive barrage of artillery that kept leaving the Twanas dead like poles and when everyone least expected, he was in the box, and boom, he did what he never just does!


He came in at a time the team needed him the most and did well in holding the ball, dropped down the tempo and kept knocking the ball round and bend the midfield with his sweet left.


He is a good coach but his tactics might fail him one day. Zambia must not grow the habbit of coming from behind. Football kills people. The levels of adrenaline when Botswana scored were too high for most Zambians to handle.

Zambia came from behind to win 2-1 and the return match comes in four days time as Zambia jets into Francis town to finish the homework.

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