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2021/2022 National League Table


2021/22 MTN Super League


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DateMatchTime/ResultsLeagueSeasonMatch Day
Indeni vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2220
Red Arrows vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2220
Namibia vs ZambiaCosafa Cup2021/22, 2022Final
South Africa Women’s National Football Team vs Nigeria Women’s National Football TeamWAFCON2021/22, 2022-
Zambia Women’s National Football TeamWAFCON2021/22, 2022-
South Africa Women’s National Football Team vs Tunisia Women’s National Football TeamWAFCON2021/22, 2022-
South Africa Women’s National Football Team vs Tunisia Women’s National Football TeamWAFCON2021/22, 2022-
Zambia v BotswanaCosafa Cup2021/22-
Zambia Women v Togo WomenWAFCON2021/223
Cameroon Women v Tunisia WomenWAFCON2021/223
Togo Women vs Cameroon WomenWAFCON2021/222
Zambia Women vs Tunisia WomenWAFCON2021/222
Tunisia vs TogoWAFCON2021/221
Cameroon vs ZambiaWAFCON2021/221
Zanaco vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2224
Kafue Celtic vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2223
Kabwe Warriors vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2224
Zesco United vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2224
Lusaka Dynamos vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2224
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2224
Nkwazi vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2224
Indeni vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2224
Red Arrows vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2224
Chambishi vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2224
Green Eagles vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/2223
Konkola Blades vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/2223
Prison Leopards vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/2223
Green Buffaloes vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/2223
Forest Rangers vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/2223
Nchanga Rangers vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/2223
KYSA vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/2223
Nkana vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/2223
Buildcon vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/2223
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/2223
Quattro Kalumbila vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/2223
Malaiti Rangers vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/2223
MUZA vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/2223
Trident vs JumuloNational League2021/2223
Livingstone Pirates vs Police CollegeNational League2021/2223
Young Green Buffaloes vs GomesNational League2021/2223
Luapula Green Eagles vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/2223
Livingstone Pirates vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/2219
Police College vs KYSANational League2021/2222
City Of Lusaka vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/2222
Jumulo vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/2222
Young Green Eagles vs MUZANational League2021/2222
Mufulira Wanderers vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2222
NAPSA Stars vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2222
Kitwe United vs TridentNational League2021/2222
Nkwazi vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2222
Zanaco vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2222
Kabwe Warriors vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2222
Lusaka Dynamos vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2222
Gomes vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/2222
Lumwana Radiants vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/2222
Indeni vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/2222
Power Dynamos vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2222
Chambishi vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2222
Red Arrows vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2222
Zesco United vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2222
Trident vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/2221
Luapula Green Eagles vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/2221
MUZA vs Police CollegeNational League2021/2221
Malaiti Rangers vs GomesNational League2021/2221
Livingstone Pirates vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/2221
Young Green Buffaloes vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/2221
Kitwe United vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/2221
KYSA vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/2221
Kansanshi Dynamos vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/2221
Konkola Blade vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/2221
Kafue Celtic vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2221
Prison Leopards vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/2221
Green Buffaloes vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/2221
Nchanga Rangers vs JumuloNational League2021/2221
Green Eagles vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/2221
Forest Rangers vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2221
Zesco United vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/2221
Nkana vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/2221
Red Arrows vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2220
Indeni vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2220
Young Green Eagles vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/2220
Kabwe Warriors vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/2220
Lumwana Radiants vs KYSANational League2021/2220
NAPSA Stars vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/2220
Chambishi vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/2220
Lusaka Dynamos vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2220
Buildcon vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2220
Police College vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2220
Power Dynamos vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2220
Gomes vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/2220
Jumulo vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2220
Nkwazi vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2220
Mufulira Wanderers vs MUZANational League2021/2220
Zanaco vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2220
Green Eagles vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2219
Zesco United vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/2219
Green Buffaloes vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/2219
City Of Lusaka vs TridentNational League2021/2220
City Of Lusaka vs GomesNational League2021/2219
Luapula Green Eagles vs Police CollegeNational League2021/2219
MUZA vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/2219
Quattro Kalumbila vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/2220
Kafue Celtic vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2219
KYSA vs JumuloNational League2021/2219
Konkola Blades vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/2219
Nkana vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/2219
Young Green Buffaloes vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/2219
Malaiti Rangers vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/2219
Prison Leopards vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2219
Trident vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/2219
Indeni vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/2219
Kitwe United vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/2219
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/2219
Jumulo vs MUZANational League2021/2218
Police College vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/2218
NAPSA Stars vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/2218
Lumwana Radiants vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2218
Chambishi vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2218
Lusaka Dynamos vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2218
Buildcon vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2218
Quattro Kalumbila vs KYSANational League2021/2218
Nkwazi vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2218
Mufulira Wanderers vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/2218
Red Arrows vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/2218
Gomes vs TridentNational League2021/2218
Zanaco vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/2218
Chambishi vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/22-
Power Dynamos vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2218
Nchanga Rangers vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2218
Kabwe Warriors vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/2218
Forest Rangers vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2218
Red Arrows vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/2217
Zanaco vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/2213
Prison Leopards vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/2211
Lumwana Radiants vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/2215
Buildcon vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2217
Forest Rangers vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2217
Jumulo vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2217
Lusaka Dynamos vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2217
Police College vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/2217
Mufulira Wanderers vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/2217
Lumwana Radiants vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/2217
Quattro Kalumbila vs MUZANational League2021/2217
Young Green Eagles vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/2217
Nchanga Rangers vs KYSANational League2021/2217
NAPSA Stars vs GomesNational League2021/2217
Trident vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2217
Nkwazi vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/2217
Kabwe Warriors vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/2217
Zanaco vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/2217
Power Dynamos vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2217
Zesco United vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/221
Kansanshi Dynamos vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/221
Kitwe United vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/221
Kabwe Warriors vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2216
Konkola Blades vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2216
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/2216
City Of Lusaka vs Police CollegeNational League2021/2216
NAPSA Stars vs TridentNational League2021/2216
Green Buffaloes vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2216
Green Eagles vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2216
Kitwe United vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/2216
Chambishi vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/2216
Zesco United vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/2216
MUZA vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/2216
Luapula Green Eagles vs JumuloNational League2021/2216
KYSA vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2216
Young Green Buffaloes vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/2216
Nkana vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2216
Gomes vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/2216
Indeni vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/2216
Malaiti Rangers vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/2216
Zanaco vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/2215
Quattro Kalumbila vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/2215
Red Arrows vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/2215
Trident vs KYSANational League2021/2215
Police College vs GomesNational League2021/2215
Livingstone Pirates vs MUZANational League2021/2215
Young Green Eagles vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/2215
Lusaka Dynamos vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/2215
Kafue Celtic vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2215
Power Dynamos vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/2215
Prison Leopards vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2215
Forest Rangers vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2215
Nkwazi vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/2215
Buildcon vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2215
Nchanga Rangers vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2215
Mufulira Wanderers vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/2215
Jumulo vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/2215
Zesco United vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2214
Red Arrows vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2214
Young Green Buffaloes vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2214
City Of Lusaka vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/2214
Young Green Eagles vs TridentNational League2021/2214
Nkana vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2214
Malaiti Rangers vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/2214
Green Buffaloes vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2214
Indeni vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/2214
Chambishi vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/2214
NAPSA Stars vs Police CollegeNational League2021/2214
MUZA vs KYSANational League2021/2214
Konkola Blades vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2214
Kansanshi Dynamos vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2214
Luapula Green Eagles vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/2214
Kabwe Warriors vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/2214
Gomes vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/2214
Kitwe United vs JumuloNational League2021/2214
Konkola Blades vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2211
Green Eagles vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2213
Mufulira Wanderers vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/2213
Buildcon vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/2213
Quattro Kalumbila vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/2213
Jumulo vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/2213
Prison Leopards vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/2213
Power Dynamos vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/2213
Livingstone Pirates vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/2213
Trident vs MUZANational League2021/2213
Lumwana Radiants vs GomesNational League2021/2213
Police College vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/2213
KYSA vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2213
Nchanga Rangers vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/2213
Kafue Celtic vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2213
Lusaka Dynamos vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/2213
Nkwazi vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/2213
Forest Rangers vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/2213
Kitwe United vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/2212
Nkana vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2212
Zesco United vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2212
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2212
City Of Lusaka vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/2212
Zanaco vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2212
Chambishi vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2212
Kabwe Warriors vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/2212
Green Buffaloes vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2212
Young Green Eagles vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/2212
Indeni vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2212
Police College vs TridentNational League2021/2212
Gomes vs JumuloNational League2021/2212
Malaiti Rangers vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2212
Young Green Buffaloes vs MUZA National League2021/2212
Red Arrows vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/2212
NAPSA Stars vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/2212
Luapula Green Eagles vs KYSANational League2021/2212
Buildcon vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/2211
Lusaka Dynamos vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/2211
Nkwazi vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/2211
Power Dynamos vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/2211
Forest Rangers vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/2211
Tunisia vs ZambiaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/225
Mauritania vs Equatorial GuineaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/22-
Lumwana Radiants vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/2211
Mufulira Wanderers vs Police CollegeNational League2021/2211
Green Eagles vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/2211
MUZA vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/2211
Trident vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2211
Livingstone Pirates vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/2211
Nchanga Rangers vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/2211
Jumulo vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/2211
Quattro Kalumbila vs GomesNational League2021/2211
KYSA vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/2211
Red Arrows vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/22-
Equatorial Guinea vs TunisiaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/22-
Zambia vs MauritaniaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/224
Kafue Celtic vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2211
Zanaco vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/2210
Indeni vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2210
Nkana vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/2210
Chambishi vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/2210
Red Arrows vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/2210
Young Green Eagles vs JumuloNational League2021/2210
Zesco United vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/2210
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/2210
City Of Lusaka vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/2210
Kitwe United vs KYSANational League2021/2210
Police College vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/2210
NAPSA Stars vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/2210
Malaiti Rangers vs MUZANational League2021/2210
Nkwazi vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/2210
Luapula Green Eagles vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/2210
Gomes v Nchanga RangersNational League2021/2210
Kabwe Warriors vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/2210
Red Arrows vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/228
Zanaco vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/228
Quattro Kalumbila vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/222
Quattro Kalumbila vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/229
Prison Leopards vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/229
Jumulo vs Police CollegeNational League2021/229
Nchanga Rangers vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/229
MUZA vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/229
Green Eagles vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/229
Young Green Buffaloes vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/229
Green Buffaloes vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/229
Forest Rangers vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/229
Konkola Blades vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/229
Trident vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/229
Kafue Celtic vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/229
Livingstone Pirates vs GomesNational League2021/229
KYSA vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/229
Power Dynamos vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/229
Lumwana Radiants vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/229
Buildcon vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/229
Lusaka Dynamos vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/229
Forest Rangers vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/227
Prison Leopards vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/227
Red Arrows vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/222
Indeni vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/228
City Of Lusaka vs MUZA National League2021/228
Zesco United vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/228
NAPSA Stars vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/228
Kitwe United vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/228
Young Green Eagles vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/228
Kabwe Warriors vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/228
Chambishi vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/228
Lumwana Radiants vs TridentNational League2021/228
Mufulira Wanderers vs JumuloNational League2021/228
Lusaka Dynamos vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/228
Malaiti Rangers vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/228
Kansanshi Dynamos vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/228
Nkwazi vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/228
Gomes vs KYSANational League2021/228
Police College vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/228
Zesco United vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/226
Power Dynamos vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/227
MUZA vs GomesNational League2021/227
Nkana vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/227
Quattro Kalumbila vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/227
Kafue Celtic vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/227
Luapula Green Eagles vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/227
Nchanga Rangers vs Police CollegeNational League2021/227
Konkola Blades vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/227
Young Green Buffaloes vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/227
Green Eagles vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/227
Buildcon vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/227
Trident vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/227
Jumulo vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/227
KYSA vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/227
Livingstone Pirates vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/227
Green Buffaloes vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/227
Mauritania vs TunisiaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/22-
Zambia vs Equatorial GuineaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/22-
Tunisia vs MauritaniaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/22-
Equatorial Guinea vs ZambiaGroup C2021/223
Mufulira Wanderers vs TridentNational League2021/2210
Trident vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/22-
Kabwe Warriors vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/222
Indeni vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/221
Zambia vs NamibiaCosafa Womens2021/222
Gomes vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/226
Red Arrows vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/226
Lusaka Dynamos vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/226
Eswatini vs UgandaCosafa Womens2021/222
Chambishi vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/226
Kabwe Warriors vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/226
Lumwana Radiants vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/226
NAPSA Stars vs MUZANational League2021/226
Indeni vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/226
Mufulira Wanderers vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/226
Kitwe United vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/226
Power Dynamos vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/226
Police College vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/226
City Of Lusaka vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/226
Jumulo vs TridentNational League2021/226
Young Green Eagles vs KYSANational League2021/226
Zanaco vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/226
Nkwazi vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/226
Zambia vs EswatiniCosafa Womens2021/221
Namibia Women's Team vs Uganda Women's TeamCosafa Womens2021/221
Green Eagles vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/225
Green Buffaloes vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/225
Prison Leopards vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/225
Konkola Blades vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/225
Livingstone Pirates vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/225
Kafue Celtic vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/225
Nkana vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/225
Nchanga Rangers vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/225
KYSA vs Police CollegeNational League2021/225
Forest Rangers vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/225
MUZA vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/225
Malaiti Rangers vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/225
Quattro Kalumbila vs JumuloNational League2021/225
Luapula Green Eagles vs GomesNational League2021/225
Young Green Buffaloes vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/225
Buildcon vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/225
Kansanshi Dynamos vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/225
Zanaco vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/222
Police College vs MUZANational League2021/224
Mufulira Wanderers vs KYSANational League2021/224
Buildcon vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/224
Kabwe Warriors vs NkanaZambia Super League2021/224
Red Arrows vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/224
Jumulo vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/224
NAPSA Stars vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/224
Power Dynamos vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/224
Gomes vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/224
Quattro Kalumbila vs TridentNational League2021/224
Chambishi vs Kansanshi DynamosZambia Super League2021/224
Lusaka Dynamos vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/224
Nkwazi vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/224
City Of Lusaka vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/224
Zanaco vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/224
Young Green Eagles vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/224
Lumwana Radiants vs Livingstone PiratesNational League2021/224
Indeni vs Zesco UnitedZambia Super League2021/224
Nkana vs Red ArrowsZambia Super League2021/223
Green Eagles vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/223
KYSA vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/223
Green Buffaloes vs ZanacoZambia Super League2021/223
Kitwe United vs GomesNational League2021/223
Trident vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/223
Kafue Celtic vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/223
Young Green Buffaloes vs Police CollegeNational League2021/223
Konkola Blades vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/223
Kansanshi Dynamos vs Kabwe WarriorsZambia Super League2021/223
MUZA vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/223
Livingstone Pirates vs JumuloNational League2021/223
Luapula Green Eagles vs Young Green EaglesNational League2021/223
Prison Leopards vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/223
Malaiti Rangers vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/223
Forest Rangers vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/223
Nchanga Rangers vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/223
Zesco United vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/223
Power Dynamos vs Green EaglesZambia Super League2021/222
Lumwana Radiants vs MUZANational League2021/222
Lusaka Dynamos vs Konkola BladesZambia Super League2021/222
Chambishi vs IndeniZambia Super League2021/222
Mufulira Wanderers vs Young Green BuffaloesNational League2021/222
NAPSA Stars vs Kitwe UnitedNational League2021/222
Jumulo vs KYSANational League2021/222
Nkwazi vs Green BuffaloesZambia Super League2021/222
Young Green Eagles vs Malaiti RangersNational League2021/222
Gomes vs City Of LusakaNational League2021/222
Forest Rangers vs Kafue CelticZambia Super League2021/222
Police College vs Luapula Green EaglesNational League2021/222
Nchanga Rangers vs TridentNational League2021/222
Buildcon vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/222
Nkana vs NkwaziZambia Super League2021/221
City Of Lusaka vs NAPSA StarsNational League2021/221
Malaiti Rangers vs Police CollegeNational League2021/221
KYSA vs Quattro KalumbilaNational League2021/221
Luapula Green Eagles vs Mufulira WanderersNational League2021/221
Trident vs GomesNational League2021/221
Livingstone Pirates vs Nchanga RangersNational League2021/221
Young Green Buffaloes vs Lumwana RadiantsNational League2021/221
MUZA vs JumuloNational League2021/221
Green Eagles vs BuildconZambia Super League2021/221
Prison Leopards vs Forest RangersZambia Super League2021/221
Konkola Blades vs Power DynamosZambia Super League2021/221
Green Buffaloes vs Lusaka DynamosZambia Super League2021/221
Kafue Celtic vs ChambishiZambia Super League2021/221
Equatorial Guinea vs MauritaniaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/222
Zambia vs TunisiaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa, Group B2021/222
Tunisia vs Equatorial GuineaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa2021/221
Mauritania vs ZambiaFIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Africa, Group B2021/221
Kafue Celtic vs Prison LeopardsZambia Super League2021/2217


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