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Zeddy Saileti anchoring nkana for 2017 super league

Saileti is anchoring Nkana

Superb coaching Zeddy Saileti is anchoring his team for the titles in the 2017 Zambia super league. Nkana is enshrined with winning titles and dimensional thinking Zeddy is just on that path. From appointed head coach to pre-season into the seasonal prelude Charity tournament Zeddy has been mounting. 

“What a great display of football by Nkana football club yesterday in the Charity Shield semi final against rival Zanaco.” Hailed a Nkana supporter after the 3 – 0 victory against Zanaco.

Nkana controlled the game from the beginning and have surely made their intentions known for this season. The acquisition of all three titles.

That is the Charity Shield, Barclays Cup and the ultimate prize, the 2017 super league title!

Nkana displayed a different approach in terms of ball possession with accurate passes compared to last season. Nkana football club are back to their passing game and have more of the ball and shun the use of route one or high long passes (same system used to beat Buildcon football club 3 goals to nil). When dimensional thinking Zeddy Saileti interviewed he showed the approach to take.

Zeddy Saileti is anchoring on the philosophy of the more you possess the ball, the better as you control the game.

May I also add that ball possession was not just for the sake of it but was used to convert chances into goals with Soutra Tshimenga providing brilliant assists to Walter Bwalya and “Sate Sate” Ronald Kampamba.

Jacob Ngulube with his pinpoint passes, acute turns and dribbling skills was a darling to watch in that midfield of Zanaco giants. It seems the lads are been cleaned up for the year’s titles.

On the Goal

Our new goalie was a marvel to watch as he made two crucial saves. He saved a cleverly executed free kick in the first half.
Zanaco tried to decimate our defence using their fast wingers in the first 20 minutes of the game. Diego Apanene who is just recovering from an ankle injury struggled but was well covered by Aaron ‘Commander’ Katebe, a defense pillar that Zeddy will have to rely on.

The combination of “Commander” and Given Sinyangwe and the coverage by Aubrey Mulwanda is surely paying dividends. The spine of our team is now strong especially with the acquisition of the new goalie. However, under pressure Nkana should avoid defending from the box as it can result in mistakes.

Another revelation was converting from dead ball situations. That was a cracker of a free kick by veteran and experienced defender Joseph Musonda. Nkana have to learn that free kicks are goal scoring opportunities and have to be used to score goals especially in difficult and tight games.

Captain Donashano ‘Icamilando’ Malama was a working horse yesterday running the whole field from the right and even providing some crosses. Those crosses need polishing though and recovery was a problem at times.

The Conclusive strikers!!! That is our greatest strength this season! The combo of “Sate Sate”  and Walter Bwalya was a menace to the Zanaco defence. However, Walter invites needless challenges and injuries by holding on to the ball too much. Sometimes one touch passes to his deadly partner Sate Sate will be needed to kill off our opponents.

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