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ZSL Moment of the week 5

ZSL Moment of the week is part of stories that seek to highlight and inform about the unmistakable weekly match days and football players in the Zambia super league who are making an indelible m mark.

So much happened at the eventful weekend with Jesse Jackson Were stamping his immortality in the Zambian football hall of fame as he scored his 100 goals for Zesco United. Yes, he is a ZSL legend!

ZSL Moment of the week

Our moment of the week however pops from the ZANACO vs NAPSA nail bitting crash at the picturesque Woodlands Stadium.

It’s a tense Lusaka Derby and as the match gains ground and intensity, the tensions and adrenaline are reaching boiling point.

Amos Simwanza is tight on Moses Phiri. He is gruesome and ruthless at every rise and fall of the ball targeted at Phiri. The NAPSA strong man is doing everything right to keep Moses Phiri out of the game but Moses seems to be an authority on his own. His appetite and knack for goals is a bottomless pit. Its demand never seems to find a home but Simwanza wins the first round.

The referee blows his whistle to end the second half and Moses has had only a short at the goal. The two teams have battled to a standstill as they wipe their salty faces into the tunnels.

The second half brings Chisamba Lungu in the ZANACO midfield and he paints a gray complexion on the game. His balanced coverage of the ground and trickery ignites diversity and transformation in the movement of the ball accross the ZANACO attacking third and Simwanza’s attention begins to crack into division. Its a hole in the wall that Chintu Kampamba needs to quickly fill but he doesnt act.
Twenty minutes into the second half, it is still a blood cuddling tense encounter pegged goaless but the balance of power is now weighing more on NAPSA and Simwanza is losing breath as Moses keeps sniffing blood round the NAPSA goal mouth with more freedom and bite.

In the hit of the Moment, baby Police tears the curtain for a moment of the week.

He breaks from a shackle of four white shirts deep in the midfield and morphs into a wild storm of unstoppable proportions as he glides foward with purpose and penarche the defenders left behind at stand still like poles.

Then he picks his spot and hits the ball with bone crushing force. The weight behind the ball is packed with an overdose of scorpion vernom. From twenty five meters, the ball bullets past the NAPSA goal keeper slamming him to the ground as his attempt to stop parry it away only stretches him to nothingness!

Now that was’nt only the moment of the week but a goal in ages. ZANACO went on to win 2-0.

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